Belfield Decantation Valve

Operates with as little as 5% difference in specific gravities.

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Belfield Valve Explained

The Belfield valve has been acclaimed, the easiest, most efficient way to decant and recover a wide variety of liquids possessing different specific gravities! It is automatic, extremely sensitive, versatile and provides users with a proven method for decanting or separating the heavier of two liquids. It also eliminates the many problems which occur during manual decanting of one phase in a wide range of multiphase systems, including:
No Waste
No loss of product due to human error, especially where little or no colour variation exists between phases.
Detects and retains or rejects valuable interface materials containing recoverable products.
Serves as a safety device on effluent discharge systems reducing and/or eliminating pollution problems.
Requires minimal attention, service and maintenance thereby reducing labour costs drastically.
Stainless Steel
Standard body materials of construction are either carbon steel or stainless steel, in both cases the internals are constructed from stainless steel.

Some of our valued clients

Here is a brief selection of some organisations that have benefitted from using the coveted Belfield Valve. Be sure to be one of them.

Indian Oil
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Belfield Valve

Valve operation

Ballasting the float. The float is ballasted by adding water via the hexagon headed screw in the top of the float to give the float positive buoyancy in the heavier liquid and negative buoyancy in the interface or lighter liquid, as required.

Belfield Valve

Real performance

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Do you have a floating roof tank

Take a look at how a floating roof tank works with the Belfield Valve.
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