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How it works

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Belfield Valve

The operation of the Valve is based on the simple principle of differential specific gravity.

One phase is discharged through the internal Float Seat. A change of specific gravity automatically closes the valve the Float Valve. The side run off permits discharge of the second phase, together with any deliberately retained interface material.

Test results show the Belfield Decantation Valve is capable of detecting variations in specific gravity of 5% on average, and in favourable circumstances greater accuracies are possible.

How it works

Simple operation steps

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1: Valve and tank are closed.

2: Open the inlet to let the water flow into the valve.

3: Open the vent to fill the valve.  Then close the vent.

4: Open the equilibrium valve in order to allow the float to rise to the top.

5: The float will now be at the top of the chamber.

6: Now open the outlet valve to allow the water to flow out.

7: Water is now flowing through and the float is at the top of the chamber.

8: In the event that oil is introduced into the chamber, the change in gravity causes the float to drop to the bottom of the chamber and stops any oil liquids from passing.

9: You will now only be left with Oil in the tank and all water has been drained.

Outstanding Performance

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How is the Belfield Valve installed?

Gravity Discharge: For most efficient operating results, install the valve vertically, close to the vessel containing the liquid to be decanted. The size of the inlet should not be smaller than the inlet to the valve. Also mount a full bore valve, equal in bore to the outlet connection on the outlet flange. Any piping downstream of the valve must be short and as straight as possible. Fitted the side run off branch with a full bore valve if it is to be used to run off the lighter liquid from the storage vessel. If not blank it off.

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